Tuesday, August 17, 2004

omega facade

After a few months of this “blogging” gibberish, I’ve decided to remove myself from the function of commercializing my life and/or reflections of the world. I truly find no significance in this fad, besides for the brood of house dwellers in the world, which like to give an account to who their friend is dating or dumping or which guy can publish the most ineffectual piece of hack poetry ever composed in order to gain the interest of some form of replicated lass to woo. Furthermore, In accordance with my own civility and morals, I have withdrawn all of my published texts, excluding the original, as it adds a certain “alpha and omega” facade to this insignificant contraption.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

alpha facade

“Another freak in the freak kingdom”. Sure it's a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, why on earth would I try to think of a title on my own? At any rate, I'm new to this "blog" shit. The only reason I have it is to be like everyone else.

I used to have a real web-site, but after 3 years I had come to the conclusion that I hated the internet. As you can see I'm back, for what reason, I don't know. I have a propensity to defy sensible reason. And who in the hell ever had the extraordinary idea of publishing their accepted wisdoms, days dealings, or ventilate their soiled britches into the collective for all of humanity to appraise? Well I’ve seemingly fallen into the mix of sorted migrant souls and have plummeted into this peculiar wanton of the depraved.

My only questions are: are our lives really worth reading? Do we search for others that are more repulsive and outrageous than ourselves in attempt to raise ourselves a notch above, or do we simply compare and or try to find another to weigh against? I do consider that since I’m here for whatever intent, that I should not hinder evolution or disturb the elegant equilibrium that the universe retains. Moreover, I will remain dutiful to my character and write so convoluted and pompous that no one will ever comprehend anything I write. Somewhat like the characters from ‘Dawson’s Creek’; not that I watch such filth.